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Tips To Select a Good Moving Service

Moving can be termed as a process of shifting an entire household to another place. There are a lot of things that you will need to adapt in terms of lifestyle but your immediate concern should be to get your belongings to the new place safely.

In this scenario, the best thing that you can do is to hire movers. Although you can hire a truck and drive your items to the new home by yourself, it is strictly not recommended if you are not sure if you are capable of ensuring the safety of your items. Therefore, hiring professionals remains to be your best bet.

In this article, we are going to talk about the steps to hire professional movers for your move.

Get written estimates from different movers

First of all, search for the moving companies working in your locality. You can make list in your smartphone or computer. Get their contact numbers and call them to discuss about your moving plan. Ask for the writer estimates. They are going to send you their written estimates by mail.

Do a little comparison

It is not a good idea to select the mover based solely on the lowest estimate. You will need to see what service they are providing. In many cases, the people looking spend less no matter what remain at the losing end. The factors that you will need to count in other than price may include additional services, year of experience, reputation, and complaint history.

Be wary of unusually lower estimate

If a company comes up with an unusually lower estimate, you should not hurry to make a deal. The reason is that companies offering extremely lower estimates often turn out to be scammers. They either raise the costs drastically after getting away with your belongings or they just disappear with your money or belongings.

Ask for the license

A legitimate moving company is going to have a license by US Department of Transportation (USDOT). Moreover, it is a major requirement of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for every mover to meet safety and financial standards.

You need to ask the movers to provide you with their USDOT number. If you are moving to another state, you will need to search through the database of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Read the reviews

The word of mouth is sometimes everything that you need to know in order to make a judgment about a moving company. Therefore, it is pretty important to check online reviews about the movers. There are many trusted review websites that post the reviews after making sure that it is being posted by real person.

Don’t forget to read the paperwork carefully

Before you make a deal, you will get the paperwork ready for you to sign. It is basically a contract between you and the moving company. Therefore, you need to read the paperwork carefully. Take your time before deciding to make a deal.