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Pitfalls Of Overlooking Team Alignment While Creating Product Design

Product packaging process is not just about providing product a protective cover. The design of packaging plays an important here because this is the age of commercialization. You have to make sure that your product packaging is ready to give you a marketing advantage.

Here, you have to keep in mind that packaging can get out of control pretty quickly due to added complexity of the process. It means that you may have to put things at pause, in terms of packaging operations, for a while and sort out the issues before resuming the process. One major reason for this issue is the lack of coordination between the teams which have to deal with the manufacturing and packaging operations.

For instance, if your teams of manufacturing and packaging design have different concepts about how a flexible package needs to be opened, they may end up getting frustrated in case of lack of coordination. This lack of coordination can further lead to unnecessary expansion of budget.

Here, it would be worth mentioning what tends to happen when your teams are not on the same page.

Missed deadlines

Any misalignment between the teams can lead to the business operations to work in a back and forth scenario because the teams would not be on the same page. Now, you can imagine the situation when key decision maker is on the leave and the teams have to deal with a problem. Being not on the same page can lead them to face delay, even pause, in business operations. It means that they will not be able to meet the deadlines.

Going over the budget

The development of a package is complicated procedure from the perspective of budget. You are going to need to pay for the preparation of prototype, design revisions, and salaries of your design teams. These costs make up an enormous expense. And if the teams are not properly aligned with each other, the budget can get consumed pretty quickly.

Employee frustration

The complex projects can cause fair amount of pressure on the employees. Missed deadlines and going over the budget can lead to an overall frustrating environment. The matter of fact is that frustration is the byproduct of miscommunication between the teams which have to coordinate with each other in order to make the business process run smoothly. The frustration can lead to affected quality of work.

Unhappy customer

The end result of miscommunication and misalignment between the working teams is the unhappy customer. As mentioned above, this miscommunication can lead to affected quality of production and packaging. This affected quality is not something that your customers are going to like.

To make sure that your business is producing profits for you and your employees, you have to align the goals. First of all, you have to ensure effective and flawless communication between the teams so that they could coordinate with each other in every necessary aspect. Then, you will have to set the goals. You will also need to set a plan for effective collaboration between the teams. And finally, you will have to ask from them the efficiency in work.